Instruction for poster presentations

1 - Poster panels are 1.23 m wide x 1.90 m high - each poster will be assigned to one side of a poster panel. Pins will be available to attach your posters onto the panels.

2 - Poster panels will be available for the duration of the workshop. On Monday, the panels will be in the Winter Garden North area (area will be signposted); the panels will be moved by first thing Tuesday morning and on Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the area around the workshop meeting room.

3 - Poster presenters are encouraged to give a 1-minute, 1-slide (ppt preferred, but pdf acceptable also) overview of their poster during the last session of Monday afternoon (17:30). This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your work. To streamline the process, please send a 1-slide summary of your slide by 17:00 Friday 28th June to echo2013 at - please state your name and poster number in the subject of the email, and use the following naming convention to name your slide file FirstnameLastName_PosterNumber.pdf.

The poster number that we have assigned to your contribution can be found here. Please do not simply copy your poster onto a slide, rather summarise the key points that you would like to get across. We will make a blank slide with the name of the presenter, title of the poster and poster number for each presentation so that there is a place holder for every poster.

4 - We would like to make the posters publicly available on the workshop website after the meeting, so encourage you to send in a pdf of your poster.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions: send an email to kate.isaak at and copy it to echo2013 at, and we will answer as soon as possible.