List of posters (with presentations)


Monday : Winter Garden North area;

Tuesday/Wednesday : Vicinity of Newton

EChO Science

  • PS-1 — J. Cho: Atmospheric Dynamics and General Circulation of Extrasolar Planets Abstract
  • PS-4 — cancelled
  • PS-5 — F. Rodler: Detecting O2 in the atmospheres of exo-Earths Abstract
  • PS-6 — S. Yurchenko: ExoMol : Molecular line lists of Exoplanets and other atmospheres Abstract
  • PS-7 — E. Marcq: Observability of young telluric planets at a magma ocean stage Abstract
  • PS-8 — J. Budaj: Modelling the light-curve of KIC 12557548b : an extrasolar planet with a comet like tail Abstract / Presentation
  • PS-11 — I. Pagano: The Global Architecture of Planetary Systems Project Abstract
  • PS-12 — G. Aresu: X-Ray Dominated Chemistry in Hydrogen-rich Atmospheres Abstract
  • PS-14 — R. Varley: Generation of a target list of observable exoplanets for The Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory (EChO) Abstract

Echo Instrumentation

  • PI-1 — N.E. Bowles: A Prism Spectrograph for the EChO Long wave (11 -16 micron) channel. Abstract
  • PI-2 — E. Pace: The on-board data processing system of the EChO mission Abstract
  • PI-3 — N. Bezawada: Deriving Requirements for the EChO Detectors and a review of current technology status Abstract
  • PI-4 — A. Adriani: The EChO Visible and Near Infrared spectrometric module Abstract
  • PI-5 — G.R. Zapata: EChO SWiR : Exoplanet atmospheres Characterization Observatory Sort-Wave infraRed channel of the EChO payload Abstract
  • PI-6 — P. Deroo: Optimized instrumentation for Exoplanet Characterization Abstract
  • PI-7 — J.R. Schrader: Front-end ASIC for detector readout with pre-amplifier, offset cancellation and ADC Abstract / Presentation
  • PI-8 — E. Pascale: EChOSim : an end-to-end simulator of the Exoplanet CHaracterization Observatory Abstract
  • PI-9 — J.M. Reess: The mid-infrared channel of the EChO mission Abstract